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Installing a home security system can mean the difference between worrying about your family and property and restful peace of mind. Stop and think about all those moments when you weren’t sure if you locked the door or left the stove on while away for the weekend. How about the first time you decide to leave teenagers home while taking the spouse out for an anniversary — stressful. Here are 10 reasons a home security system can mean the difference between anxiety and relaxation.

Personal Notifications: Home security systems can be designed to send emergency notifications to your smartphone or other devices in real time. This allows you to monitor your property 24/7. Knowledge equals comfort.

Monitoring Company: Many people set up their security system with a monitoring company that can filter out accidental alerts and let you know about those that require immediate attention.

Nanny Cam: We’ve all heard the news and seen videos of abusive babysitters and caregivers. Having an in-home security camera allows you to watch or record what happens while you aren’t there. Keeping family safe is job one.

The Kids Are Alright: As children grow up, parents increase the amount of time they can be home alone. But they will always your babies and you’ll worry. Being able to get a visual through the CCTV security system will help you breathe a little easier.

Senior Moments: Elderly parents and grandparents are vulnerable to slip and falls. Checking on their well-being is a great way to reciprocate family love.

Lights On: Having a home security system that activates when someone or something enters your property can prevent a problem before it happens. If you set lights to go on when tripped, intruders are likely to leave. The same holds true for animals getting into your trash and making a mess.

Sound the Alarm: There’s no better deterrent than a loud alarm to repel intruders and burglars.

Fire Protection: One of the great things about a CCTV security system is your ability to get swift notifications and see potential problems. Smoke detectors can be triggered by fireplaces and even burnt toast. On the other hand, a real blaze requires quick response. Seeing the difference between a misfire and real fire can make a huge difference.

Mother Nature: High winds, flooding and other forces of nature can put your property in harm’s way. Monitoring systems help you to take preventative action or let you relax knowing everything is okay.

Knock Knock: A CCTV security system is often thought of as a way to monitor your home while not there. But when there’s an unexpected late-night knock at the door or noise outside, you can look around the property by just picking up your phone or device. A home security system provides peace of mind whether you’re away or sitting in the living room.


The burglary statistics as reported by the United States Department of Justice are sobering. Between 2003 to 2007 an average of 3.7 million homes in America were broken into. In 28 percent of these cases, a family member was present during the crime. In seven percent of the instances, the family member suffered a violent attack of some kind, including assault, aggravated robbery, and rape.

It therefore behooves every homeowner to choose not to be a victim and secure his or her domicile with a home security system. Homes that have some kind of security system are less likely to be broken into.

Why should you have a home security system?

The idea of any home security system is to deter a burglary altogether, to force a potential burglar to bypass your home and go for an easier target. Many homeowners secure their residences with deadbolt locks and install a security system, making sure that signage is present to inform anyone thinking of breaking in that their unauthorized presence will instantly be given to the attention of law enforcement, as well as the neighbors with a piercing sound.

Why should you include a CCTV security system to help secure your home?

Locks and alarms are fine things, but you should go one step further, and install a CCTV security system covering doors and other points of ingress. To understand why you should take this step you should think from the point of view of the criminal.

Imagine that you are a criminal who is getting ready to break a window or kick down a door and rush in to steal valuables. Maybe you think that you can be in and out before the alarm summons the police. But then you see, staring at you like the barrel of a gun, the lens of a camera.

You don’t need that kind of aggravation. Your M. O. is to not ever allow your face to be seen. You want your victim to come home to find his or her jewelry and easily portable electronics gone without any evidence of who took them. You do not want your face on videotape for the police to see and to match to a criminal database.

Chances are, if you’re a smart criminal, you will move on to another house.

And, if the burglar is not too bright, the police have a record of his crime and are more likely to catch him and recover your valuables.


When doing research on what type of Home CCTV Security System best fits your needs, you want to take a walk around your property to best see where to place the cameras in order to make sure you are getting the maximum return on your investment.

The next thing to think about is the weather.  A weather-proof home security system is the best option because shielding the cameras is no longer a worry and there is not an additional expense in purchasing materials to shield it and no limitations as to where to place them.

If the lighting is low around your yard and home, a black and white CCTV system or cameras that have night vision are best to use to capture high-quality images. Placing the cameras high so that they cannot be tampered with or knocked out is also important.  Many times, if burglars can see a home security system, this is enough to deter them from trying to enter the home.

The way to fully do this is to look at your home from the mind of a burglar.  What areas of the home are the most vulnerable?  What is the easiest way of entry other than through the front door?  Popular areas are those spots around your home in which a burglar can enter without being seen from those walking or driving by.  The most popular areas to install a home security system are:

Front Door
Many homeowners leave a spare key in the front entry area of the home and most burglars will find the key and can easily unlock and walk in the front door.

Windows around the home that are easily accessible, have no bushes in front of them to deter easy entry or those that are hidden from being seen are a prime target for entry.

Garage Door
Burglars will often try to gain entry into the garage as many homeowners keep tools, lawn equipment, etc. in the garage.  Keep the garage door into the yard locked as well as the garage door leading into the home.

Backyard / Back Door
A back door into the home is optimal because the backyard usually serves as a way to protect the burglar from being seen.

If the basement of your home has a door that leads out into the yard or even a small basement window, burglars will try to use this as a point of entry.


Home security systems have enjoyed tremendous technological advancements in recent years. The ideas of the bulky cameras and VCR recorders has become antiquated. Todays’ CCTV monitoring systems are streamlined and use the latest tech-friendly assets to incorporate security into your everyday lifestyle.

For homeowners that are interested in a real sense of security, a mix of outdoor and indoor cameras can furnish just that.

  • Outdoor cameras: Infrared fixed mounted devices provide a significant field of vision. They can pick up movement more than 100 feet from your home, day or night. If you’d like them to be inconspicuous, the dome models blend in very nicely. They can be set up to wirelessly record.
  • Indoor cameras: Many of the latest in-home CCTV monitoring systems features tiny cameras that blend into your home décor. They look like electronic devices such as the super-popular Echo dot. That’s a terrific aspect that allows you to blend security into everyday objects. These models have gotten a great deal of notoriety as “nanny-cams.”

Recording Systems

Unlike the clunky set-ups that you see at convenience stores that are behind the times, today’s home security systems don’t need to take up any of your personal space. Depending on the monitoring program, you can have as much or as little footage stored on the Cloud as you like. That means you can access it or have it reviewed by a security company when appropriate. Also, there’s no need to sit in front of a designated screen. Cloud data can be accessed by most devices, including smartphones, iPads or your desktop computer. If you are concerned someone or something has been on your property, the video can roll to the side while you attend to other on-screen tasks. Today’s CCTV monitoring systems have taken the “chore” aspect out of home security.


New security systems allow homeowners a variety of notification options. You can put a security monitoring company in place to handle alarm or intruder occurrences. That takes you pretty much out of the inconvenience of inadvertent trips such as a tree limb falling or a dog running through the yard. They can text or call you for instructions if it’s more serious.

Some homeowners link their home security systems to a phone app. When motion has been detected, you get a notification and check the cameras in real time. This method puts the decision making squarely in your hands. You can call home, alert police or be comfortable knowing there’s nothing to worry about. That provides significant, 24-hour peace of mind.

One of the things that used to hold people back from integrating a CCTV monitoring system into their home was that it disrupted their lifestyle. But today’s home security systems are no longer intrusive. In fact, they give you an effortless sense of security and control while you pursue work or enjoy leisure time.


Whether or not CCTV security systems cut crime rates depends on whom you ask. A recent article in the UK Guardian, citing studies conducted on Great Britain’s extensive use of CCTV systems, casts some doubt on the idea that they serve as a deterrent. However, a recent survey at the University of Albany suggests that CCTV systems can deter crime if they are used in the proper way.

The University of Albany study notes two criteria for CCTV systems as a deterrent.

  • The criminal has to be aware that he or she is being watched.
  • The criminal has to conclude that, as a result of the CCTV security systems, the possible consequences of committing a crime outweigh the potential rewards.

With those conclusions in mind, the way you set up a CCTV either as part of home security systems or to protect your business is of vital importance.

Most burglars are risk averse. They want to break into a home or business, quickly find the valuables, gather them up, and get away undetected. That fact is one reason that security experts advise that a few simple precautions can deter someone from breaking and entering your home or business.

The best way to use a CCTV camera is to set it in a well-lit area close to a place of egresses, such as a window or a door. The criminal, seeing the camera, will likely move on to another target that is more vulnerable.

Of course, CCTV security systems will not deter all crime. Criminals who are under the influence of drugs or alcohol or who are just not very bright are less likely to be stopped. Many studies suggest that cameras are more apt to deter property crime than violent crime. In some cases, CCTV systems have been able to reduce the number of drug transactions that take place on streets where they are located.

Law enforcement officers love CCTV security systems because they perceive that they aid in crime solving. Even if your home and business have been broken into, if the crime has been recorded by a CCTV system, evidence suggests that police will be more likely to catch the criminal in question and solve the offence, perhaps recovering stolen valuables before they are gotten rid of.

The upshot is that CCTVs are not a panacea for stopping crime, but they are a useful tool as part of a comprehensive plan to keep your home or business more secure.


CCTV Security Systems

When it comes to a home or office building, nothing is more important than the safety of the residents, visitors, and employees inside. This means employing alarm systems, security devices, and even closed-circuit television systems, also known as CCTV. For those who don’t know, CCTV monitoring systems are office and home security systems that are used to monitor the premises. There are several different types of CCTV Security Systems. They can broadcast in black and white or color. They can record video in case it is needed for evidence. Some models can even record in infrared to see people that might otherwise be missed. Overall, CCTV Security Systems are making customers safer in more ways than one.

CCTV Security Systems Serve as Deterrents

In the justice system, most crimes are crimes of opportunity. This means that criminals often look for a vulnerable target. They look for a valuable item left exposed. They look for a front door. They look for a target that isn’t protected. With a CCTV system, anyone looking to commit a crime will easily see that the premises are under watch. They know that their everyone move will be recorded and could be used as evidence in a potential criminal investigation. In this fashion, few people will take the chance of trying to break into an area that is monitored by a CCTV system. This is why people call these security systems deterrents. They deter people from trying to trespass on the property. Not only do CCTV Security Systems record video for evidence in a potential investigation but they also prevent crimes from being committed in the first place.

CCTV Security Systems Also Monitor the Interior

From the other perspective, many people also employ CCTV Security Systems for their office buildings. While most people would like to think that everyone gets along with each other, sometimes this simply isn’t the case. If something goes wrong at work and someone gets injured, there are often multiple stories. Fortunately, these security systems also monitor the interior. They record video that can be used to solve any dispute. In this way, video cameras also help to bring some peace and stability to the office. Furthermore, they also keep people safe because they know that they’re being watched.

These are only a few of the ways that CCTV Security Systems are making customers safer. When it comes to the safety of yourself and your loved ones, no expense is too great. Give everyone the security that they deserve by investing in a home security system today. Don’t wait until it is too late.